A road to green recovery

Road to green recovery

Road to green recovery


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  1. Anand Mistry says:

    Its really nice that you are following your instinct… good choices..

    use little bit of photoshop to bring out the soul of photos (to bring out the thought with which u had clicked)… the impact will be much better… like increase contrast and/or brightness etc. simple touchups only

    Don’t Do:
    don’t get into photoshop.. make sure the soul of picture should be enhanced and remain closer to wat u thought.

    Good work n don’t give up this passion.

    • Kedar says:

      Hey Anand,

      Nice to see your comment & suggetions importantly 🙂
      I don’t photoshop every pic except to put that “watermark” 🙂 or a little cropping etc… I’m no good at photoshop ofcourse 🙂 !

      Anyways, see you around checking this site, that I’m shooting it correct !!

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