• Ahmedabad Flower Show 2013 Photos (Set 4/4)

    For The Ahmedabad Flower Show 2013, almost 12 species from Australia, Singapore and Thailand had been specially flown to the city for the show. Flowers includes cymbidium orchid, hydrangea, guzmania, anthurium, orchid, Dutch rose, gerbera and petunia. Orchids, carnations and lilyums from Israel and the Netherlands were also on display.

  • Ahmedabad Flower Show Photos 2013 (Set 3/4)

    The Ahmedabad Flower Show 2013 hosted a total of 50,000 saplings are on display for visitors. We also had a great collection of bonsai in the display.

  • Ahmedabad Flower Show 2013 Photos (Set 2/4)

    The Ahmedabad Flower Show 2013 exhibited around 500 varieties of flowers on display for 25th to 29th January. The flowers display was arranged in the approx. 60,000 sq meters of area, which has been prepared for the first-ever Ahmedabad flower show on the river bank of Sabarmati.

  • Ahmedabad Flower Show-2013 Photos (Set 1/4)

    Ahmedabad recently witnessed the “Ahmedabad Flower Show 2013”, first of it’s kind, on the Sabarmati River-Front. In case you have missed it, I’ve covered it for you 🙂 – have some glimpse. This is a set one of four.