Venus Transit 6th June 2012-Ahmedabad, India Photo

The Venus transit of 2012 as seen in Ahmedabad, India.
Venus Transit 2012 as seen in India

Venus Transit 2012

venus transit 2012

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  1. You are lucky!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures … the Sun was blotted out by clouds till noon in Cochin.

    So I won’t be able to see this event again in this lifetime!!

    • Kedar says:

      Yep, of-course lucky that I get to see this but I did getup before 06.

      Early mornings are the best time to take a shot on sun, in the later hours is difficult due to powerful lights 😉

      And after 09 even in Ahmedabad the sun hid behind coulds 🙁
      I wish I had a DSLR but still I’m happy with HX1 🙂

      Anyways, thanks for comment Jayadev.

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